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Global politics are shaped by increasingly complex conditions of insecurity, which have prompted scholars, practitioners, and policymakers to reframe their perceptions and understandings of the concept of security, both in its theoretical and applied forms. While state-centric security concerns such as arms races, security dilemmas, and balance of power continue to feature on the international political landscape, professionals working within the private and public sectors also must identify, assess, and respond to other forms of insecurity, for example, related to conditions of economic deprivation and inequality, population displacements and movements, and environmental and health crises.

This program aims to attract a range of students from around the globe, the Global South. It is intended to serve as a foundational certificate for those interested in pursuing further graduate work and those intending to advance careers in intelligence, security, diplomacy, government, and law enforcement. This program is unique for its focus on human rights and outreach to specialists and professionals from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. The advanced certificate in global security studies constitutes a four-course (12 credit) curriculum, comprising two required and two elective courses. Core courses are intended to cover the contemporary nature of global security, particularly from a human security approach. Elective courses are intended to provide students with a range of choices pertinent to their career paths and professional learning needs.

ECON 6490 Foreign Aid and Development
HUST 5200Protection for Vulnerable Populations
POSC 5500Comparative Pol Analysis
POSC 5600Analysis of Int’l Pol
CISC 6860 Cybersecurity: Technology, Policy, and Law
ECON 6480Environmental and Resource Economics
HUST 5205 Children in Armed Conflict
POSC 5560 Conflict Resolution
POSC 6530Political Economy of Development
POSC 6640Pol of Global Econ Rel

Language School

In addition to the program with Fordham University, QIASS also has its own language school which provides intensive, full-time training for select students in thirteen languages. Students enrolled in the language program generally need at least three years to complete the program and graduate at an advanced level. Classes are led by native speakers with extensive training in language pedagogy. They are conducted in an immersive environment that encourages students to begin actively using their target language from day one. In addition to becoming proficient in speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension, students are also exposed to the cultural and historical contexts of the language they are studying. Following their language training at QIASS, students are afforded an opportunity to study abroad in order to use those skills in a native environment. The Language School itself is structured around principles of Quality Assurance, and is fully accredited by EAQUALS (Evaluation & Accreditation of Quality in Language Services), a prominent European accrediting body that specializes in multiple language programs.

+ Chinese + Filipino + French + German + Hebrew + Italian + Japanese

+ Korean + Persian-Farsi + Russian + Spanish + Turkish + Urdu